Monday, November 29, 2010

Whoops and oops !!!!!!!!

There are moments which just pass by, unnoticed, uncared for, some which strike you bang on and then there are some which  hit on you gradually......slowly as the moment(s) lingers on, you realize what it means to you and what difference does it make to you, your impressions, your thoughts, your memories....

Starting from Day Zero till the end, each day was filled with all of such moments. Some gone unheeded, some struck us by surprise and then there were some moments which just dragged on and had us glued to them. I am guessing that most of those at IIM-A who go through this exciting journey each year reminisce each moment with such sheer clarity and depth that their minds have indelible impressions of these. "Suit up" acquires a new meaning all together and no one is afraid of their "oops" moment !

As each moment passes, one loses oneself in the waters of "fachha pool". Those who are lucky enough to find their shores early, stick on. They remain as anchors for those who swim offshore. The most gratifying of all moments is when the feeling of rivalry turns into that of mutual revelry. Competition certainly governs your actions, undoubtedly. But what stands apart is that sense of being together, that feeling of  joint relief and happiness. A typical "aah se ahaaa" moment :)

There are moments when personal sense of achievement and accomplishment seem incomplete unless we are joined by those with whom we can celebrate our feat. And no, this is not out of any sense of modesty or being too good a Samaritan. Its just that, as I mentioned earlier, the moments gradually pass by and its gradually that you realise what each of these means to you. That tight, shared hug which tells you "hey dude, see, we have done this! wasn't that difficult, was it "......... there is no feeling that can match it. 

Cheers to all those who experienced it and to those who were there for the  reassuring pats on the back and the comforting and encouraging handclasps.......... while the "Summers" were sure heated up, they did spend their warmth around as well.........