Friday, May 17, 2013

बेहतर होगा

जो गिरहें खुल चुकी है, क्या उन्हें बार- बार गांठना ठीक है?
या बेहतर होगा उन्हें बंधन से रिहा कर देना
जो डोर छूट चुकी है, क्या उसकी ओर लपकना ठीक है?
या बेहतर होगा अपने पैरों तले की ज़मीन को पकडे रखना
आसां नहीं है एक नया आसमान तलाश्ना
या सूखी रेत से एक छत तामीर करना
लेकिन जो टीले ढेह चुके हैं, क्या उनकी मिटटी समेटना ठीक है?
या बेहतर होगा धुप और बारिश से समझौता कर लेना
मुमकिन नहीं है गुज़रे पल को एक नयी शक्ल देना
या आने वाले कल को शीशे में उतार लेना
लेकिन वो जिसे तकदीर कहते हैं, क्या उस से रूठ के बैठना ठीक है?
या बेहतर होगा अपने हिस्से के पलों से एक ज़िन्दगी खड़ी करना

As "they" say !!!!

They say the best way to enjoy the journey is to soak in the sense of milestones along the way instead of focusing solely on the destination; they say the best way to win is to compete whole heartedly instead of  struggling to outrun the rats in the race. They say the best way to live life is to collect the moments and savour the today instead of hoping, expecting, worrying, anticipating, imagining and presuming the tomorrow.

Sometimes I really want to go out in search of these “they” people.  Do “they” really just drive along, amble away and reach their destination by co-incidence? Do “they” actually compete as a form of past-time, putting their mind, soul, time (and money maybe!) into something without being bothered of the outcome? Are “they” really capable of putting behind moments and least perturbed of the forthcoming, that all of them is contained in the present? Honestly, if “they” do exist, I would guess “they” would either be a race of celestial beings else citizens of some planet with a discrete, constant value for space-time continuum.

Speaking for myself, all the journeys that I set upon almost always have a pre-decided destination. In fact a lot many times, I undertake the journey not because of the route but because getting to the destination is non-negotiable. That I sometimes end up enjoying my journey is a welcome co-incidence. Yes, with every passing milestone I give myself a pat on the back and heave a sigh of relief, but more often than not it is because I am closer to my destination. You see, I set out on a journey because I wanted to reach somewhere in the first place. Now if “they” say  that well begun is half done, I really want to know how many times has a stranded explorer been picked up “halfway” in his/her journey and commended for enjoying the scenery in just the right spirit ! I think we all search for footsteps or strive to imprint some of our own. And these are formed only when you keep walking towards the destination.

As for the wins I attempt to have a shot at, yes obsession towards winning might actually harm me but how do I develop the selflessness to put my whole heart into something and not even expect a heartwarming win ! Racing among the rats is surely not one of my favourite pastimes; but when the whole world just cannot stop raving about “animal spirits” it is kind of difficult to turn a deaf ear to the cheers meant for the winners and ignore the jeers that are usually reserved for the also-rans. I think winning or losing is a non-issue here, choosing which race you want to run is the big decision. The most common mistake most of us tend to make is opting for the wrong race and running towards a finishing line only to realize we were never meant to be there in the first place ! Maybe “they” who chose the right race were winners from the very beginning so they actually finish the race more fitter and spirited than before. While some of us who get caught in the wrong race just add inches onto ourselves, stuck in the logjam among other rats !

Now “savouring the today” is a bit of a normative idea here. While I would really like to listen to what “they” have to say about it; but more often than not, yesterday(s) is like that elephant in the room and tomorrow(s) is like that ever-inviting keyhole which took Alice to the Wonderland. For how long do I feign ignorance to the elephant and until when do I resist the temptation of peeking through that keyhole is a constant struggle. So it’s easier to live like a day or two on a standalone basis but I can’t really get a hang of how “they” live totally in the present, for the present and only the present !

Maybe “they” are the ones who really have risen above the ordinary dilemmas of mere mortals and attained supreme, eternal bliss. As “they” say just keep the dream alive; keep hitting the snooze button!