Friday, June 29, 2012

It's You !

The song that plays in the background, or just the silence of the kitchen,
The chaos and commotion of the traffic on the road,  or just the stillness of my window sill...........
In the midst of all this, I am present yet secluded
I am right there in the thick of things; near yet aloof !
You sing the same songs to me, you suddenly clutter my kitchen
You wait at the other end of the commotion;
You peep right through the window sill !

Both smiles and tears play games with me,
For one often becomes the reason for the other.
I remember the moments of shared laughter and;
welled up tears follow my memories;
I weep in memories of sweet nothings and;
a blushing smile crosses my countenance !

You are the breeze that glides past me gently; you are the raindrop that moistens my face;
You are the radiance that brightens my eyes; you are echo that resonates in my ears !

The song, the silence, the chaos, the stillness,
You are the one who pops in through it all !
The smile, the tears, the memories, the shyness,
You are the one who has a share in this all !

Tired Eyes !

They speak !
Sometimes out of sadness, sometimes out of sheer excitement,
Sometimes out of anger, sometimes out of sheer frustration !
Now they are muted.
Tired eyes !

They look around !
Sometimes out of curiosity, sometimes out of sheer boredom,
Sometimes seeking attention, sometimes beseeching acknowledgment.
Now they are still.
Tired eyes !

They listen !
Sometimes to the sound of silence, sometimes the stories that the world tells,
Sometimes to the laughter of a happy heart, sometimes the sobbing soul.
Now they are indifferent.
Tired eyes !

Tired they are, not so lifeless, though
They still twinkle, they still glow
momentarily though !
Seeking solace from within,
Tired eyes !

Monday, June 18, 2012

वो माँ है !

सवेरे नींद से जगाते हुए भी आँखों में जो नए सपने भर दे
जो नाश्ते में एक मीठा दुलार, एक खट्टी सी डांट और ढेर सारा गरम गरम प्यार परोसे,
वो माँ हैं

जिसकी  सारी के पल्लू को कभी अपना तौलिया तो कभी पर्दा मान लिया
जिसको गोद में कभी अपना सर रखके चैन से सो गए,
तो कभी रुआंसा सा चेहरा चुप के आके छुपा लिया
जिसे कभी खाना खाने के लिए तंग किया
तो कभी अपने मनपसंद पकवान बनवाने की जिद्द की
वो माँ है

पापा से छुप के जिसे अपने दिल के सारे भेद बता दिए,
जिससे नज़रें चुराके भाई के साथ रोज़ एक नयी शरारत छेढ़ी
वो माँ है

वो जो घनी, तपती धुप में स्कूल के बहार शिकंजवी लिए खड़ी थी
वो जो कड़कती सर्दी में अपनी रजाई मुझपे दाल देती थी
वो जो बारिश में भीगने पर खूब डांटती 
और फिर गरम गरम हलवा बना कर मेरी सर्दी दूर करती
वो माँ है

वो जो मुझे रोज़ दिखती तो नहीं, 
पर हर पल मेरी हिचकियों में मुझे पुकारती है
वो जिसको परछाई हूँ मैं,
जिससे अलग तो हूँ , पर उसी  में समाई हूँ मैं,
वो माँ है

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Stay !

Whisper to me, for i am all ears,
tell me stories, both told n untold. 
Clasp my hand and take me forward,
or just hold it and let the moment stay !

let me sit at my window sill and gaze across the overcast span of sky,
let me play with the raindrops while you just sit across and smile !
Oh ! what a day would that be.

let me just stay tight-lipped for the day,
let my eyes say what my heart speaks !
let me just enjoy the quietness of the silent breeze;
while you just sing those songs that lend a symphony to the surroundings
Oh ! what music would that be.

Speak to me, for i just want to listen,
transpire from my thoughts to reality !
Let me look at the mirror and smile,
don't roll down my cheeks, just stay at the corner of my eye !