Sunday, June 17, 2012

Stay !

Whisper to me, for i am all ears,
tell me stories, both told n untold. 
Clasp my hand and take me forward,
or just hold it and let the moment stay !

let me sit at my window sill and gaze across the overcast span of sky,
let me play with the raindrops while you just sit across and smile !
Oh ! what a day would that be.

let me just stay tight-lipped for the day,
let my eyes say what my heart speaks !
let me just enjoy the quietness of the silent breeze;
while you just sing those songs that lend a symphony to the surroundings
Oh ! what music would that be.

Speak to me, for i just want to listen,
transpire from my thoughts to reality !
Let me look at the mirror and smile,
don't roll down my cheeks, just stay at the corner of my eye !

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