Thursday, May 3, 2012

Is this Bombay or me ! :)

She has her own way; she lives her own life. There is a unique way in which she wakes up to greet the day. She rambles and trudges; wanders and meanders her way through the day. At times she would just gaily promenade her way through the twists and bends while at other times she tends to hiccup a little. You see, the day doesn’t yield to every whim and fancy of hers ! Why would it, after all ? So, she cribs, complaints, grumbles and moans. But towards the end of the day she still finds herself striding along the same pathway; she has got used to a tumble here or a topple there. 

And then comes the evening. So she has her own distinctive or rather idiosyncratic way of hailing the twilight, for this is when the world actually notices her.  Up until now everyone around her is so engrossed in finding ways along their own pathways that no one really bothers to observe where is she leading to; even though they cross hers unimaginable number of times. So, as dusk falls, she lights up, grapping everyone’s attention (and even the deliberate lack of it!). Some see her as independent, some tied up in clutches of routine, norms and conventions; some hail her as a rebel, others pity her solitary existence; some find her magical, others wicked. For some she is the epitome of exuberance, excitement and life itself while there are those for whom she’s symbolic of eternal and tedious grind. She’s both avant-garde and regressive; she’s unconventional but also conservative ! 

As night falls, she curls up but hardly sleeps. Her dreams keep her awake. So many hopes are pinned upon her; she is to fulfill many aspirations. And of course she wishes to spruce up her own pathway, she is not too fond of the hitches and the glitches, you see. But yeah, she has to be patient and also let time enjoy its veto power over certain matters. 
And one morning come the rains ! Ahhh! She both awaits and dreads them (actually she is biased towards the “awaits” part!). For the rains bring with themselves freshness and sparkle but she has to be very cautious to not let the raindrops soil her….. for she loves to hop and skip and soar and fly and enjoy the rains :)