Monday, April 9, 2012

That's my song !

It’s a regular day. You are busy with the routine chores, the clutter of everyday life strewn all around you. You are engaged in completing a jigsaw puzzle, putting together pieces; sometimes trying to create a new picture altogether. And suddenly a tune echoes somewhere near you. You stop. Raptured. Enamored. Captivated by the intensity with which the melody touches the chords of your heart. It is strange how a song, written by some stranger somewhere; a tune composed by someone unrelated, unknown, cuts across the deepest recesses of your hear and stirs your soul. You feel an instant connection with the words, the music, the interplay of melodic chords that create a divine symphony. Sometimes it is almost like it’s written for you. The very words you keep away from speaking to yourselves, the very melodies that you “unlisten” even when you can hear them all around you!

Such is the power of music and songs. They make you talk to yourself; they make you aware of the sound of silence around you and they make you conscious of what your heart really desires. Haven’t there been times when we listen to a song and instantly leave our world of mere “survival” to reach a world where we “live” with our thoughts, our very own dreams and desires.  How many times has it so happened that you instantaneously, in a reflex go, “That’s my song!” Funny it is, how we can associate songs with ourselves, with the people around us, with the places we have been to and with our thoughts and fears and fantasies!

Songs…..they ache and soothe our heart; they stir and satisfy our soul; they make us dance and sometimes leave us motionless……Songs!

And as I end this, those playing on my playlist, “my songs” are:

Ye safar bahut hai kathin

And of course the list goes on..... :)