Wednesday, October 27, 2010


It’s difficult. Difficult to pretend, difficult to smile, difficult to cheer when everything within you is fading out. It’s easy to wipe off the tears that fall off, but what do you do with the ones that are stuck in your eyelids? Waiting for the curve of your lips to straighten.

Struck with loneliness right in the middle of the crowd, it’s difficult to make sense of the noise around you when the silence within you is deafening, almost maddening! There are moments when you can sense the things around you falling apart like a pack of cards; the wind just blows it all away. And all that you are left with is dry, lifeless, listless leaves strewn all over  the place........Try picking them up and your hand is filled with nothing but the crushed pieces of the foliage that was once bustling and blooming with life!

It’s funny......the whole memories are made up of so many special, precious moments stitched together and it takes just one, SINGLE moment and there goes your memory, torn beyond repairs.

Wait, endless wait, a hope, which hopes beyond hope that the hand which grabbed yours is still there to clutch you, to hold you tight. But in the deep recesses of your heart there’s a voice, a silent sob that is telling you that you are losing the grip and that the firm handclasp is slowly  sliding from between the spaces of your fingers......leaving a void that you can never fill ever again !