Saturday, December 11, 2010


With the stroke of a brush,
I paint the canvas new,
I change the painting altogether
and not just its hue.
A new dimension, a new look,
an entirely new perception.
My canvas gets a feel of freshness,
And a picture emerges from the mess !

And just when my canvas gets ready for the mantle shelf,
Just when I see a reflection of myself,
A sudden stroke rubs off my canvas,
& all those colours I filled in so dearly, 
all those dimensions I could see so clearly,
All suddenly blur away....................

The sudden disturbance, shakes me , stirs me
And then I stand still............
I speak, I act, I dance, I sing,
But my reflection in the canvas just stands still............
New colours I seek to paint my canvas anew,
What can't be erased,
needs to be given a new hue !

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