Monday, February 14, 2011

Do you remember ?

To all those who roam the premises of this maggudom, to all those who are “not just another brick in the wall”, if you pose the question, “What is life at WIMWI like”, the response can be fairly expected & monotonous. Almost 80% of the junta (this is just an innocent writer’s freedom to create impressions, kindly do not ask for source of data!) would inadvertently come up with adjectives close to these four: interesting, intensive, challenging, competitive........

But the wimwian in me begs you to see on the other side of the wall. Remember that day when you were feeling a complete loser, thinking how you had committed the biggest mistake of your life by joining an MBA course, how you are just not made for it.  Along came the studmaxx, I-schol guy/girl. Gave you that pat on the back and said, “abe, itna kya load le raha hai? .5 credit hi toh hai, chill maar.....chal Rambhai pe sutta maarte hain!” And something inside you said we are all in this together. Marks, GPAs, grades would remain nothing but case-facts, what will shine through is your learning from these “case facts” and a better analysis the next time.

And that day when you were lying in your bed, thermometer mercury touching 102 degrees and in comes in that nerd to be at your side. He (actually he/she....) sits at your bedside, frantically start calling fellow maggus across the dorm if someone has a medicine, make sure you have a dose and takes you to the doctor first thing in the morning. He would be your mum, your doc, your friend and even your nurse, if need be.

And do you recollect the day when you had that “serious” fight with your guy/gal on the phone and declared break up for probably a 116th time in the last four months. First, he pulled your leg, laughed off the affair and enjoyed your moment of distress. But then his was the shoulder you rested your head on and both of you cribbed about how people outside the campus will never understand the rigours of wimwi life. And then you screened every possible fachha/fachhi/tuchha/tuchhi who is single, available....did a situation analysis, reviewed your options based on a set of criteria and devised an action plan!

And of course how can you forget that day of the sudden surprise quiz. You had slept through all the lectures, had opened the casemat only once to check the number of sessions and weightage of CP marks. Just as the maggus ran towards their rooms only to lock themselves in, it was he who took you by your arm and in 15 minutes took the most fabulous REM that even the best of the TA could not attempt !

Revel in the spirit of the place. Don’t just think of the “stud” wimwi connections/networks, try and build bonds and relationships or at least don’t just deal with people, associate with them.  They say wimwi gives you a contact list that you can “use” all your life...
Well, I am looking forward to the list that I will “cherish” all my life.....

P.S. : I am sure I don’t need to remind you of the first WAC night out and the first WAC run and memories you all share of it, collectively !