Wednesday, October 9, 2013

It is what it is !

Is silence a semblance of order; or clatter that of chaos,
Is routine an outcome of stability;
Is change always an unexpected surprise !

Beneath the silence, there could be whispers of confusion,
Simmering uncertainties, rumbling ruses, some stirring doubts and illusions...
The clatter could just be innocuous chatter,
A veritable bedlam of some trivial natter.

Routine might just be an escape from the unknown;
Monotony... just a facade for the tempest within...
Change could just be a deferred amendment; a long known divergence that was always meant !

Maybe when chaos itself blends into silence;
And when no more surprises unsettle the routine,
Its time to just let off and let go;

Time to tell yourself,
It is what is is .. and this is all there is to know !

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