Thursday, March 24, 2011


Isn’t it strange? Whenever we reach towards the finishing line, we always tend to think of all that has gone by, all that has now become a thing of the past. Why is it that we never seem to think of all that is yet to come? We, who pride ourselves as being the “most insightful” of all animals roaming the face of earth, all we tend to look is backwards - reminisce, remember, recollect.

We just want to hold on and are never ready to let it go. Why is this? Are we scared to look ahead or are we too reticent to come out of our comfort-zones. Actually, I guess it’s none of the two. It’s more like the “5-minutes-sleep syndrome”. Just like those precious 5 minutes in the morning when you think you can catch up on all the lost sleep of the previous night, u feel, “let me relive just one more moment of the time gone by and I am gonna make the most of it”...

I know it’s a cliché that time flies by, but you know that’s the beauty of clichés! They are clichéd because they are so true. Time truly flies past and in fact I would say it’s more like the sand than the wind. The more you try to grasp it, the faster it slides out of your hands, from between the spaces of your fingers. Actually, on second thoughts, maybe that’s why they say that walking through times by holding on to someone’s hands is much easier. You see, the spaces between your fingers are filled and you can hold on to time...hold on to your memories or better still, create new ones!

Yet most of us invariably find ourselves standing at a threshold of a new beginning and before taking that step forwards, we turn our heads backwards. Not because we want to hold on to something. But because we want to relive. Maybe splash in that water-puddle one more time, propose to our sweetheart one more time (and do it better this time :P) , enjoy that pillow fight with the younger/older brother/sister one more time,  tip-toe in the kitchen for the 2 am maggi at a school buddy’s place one more time,  enjoy a friend’s misery by hiding the precious Blackberry one more time.......Just RELIVE one more time !

Don’t hold on.....RELIVE!!!! Not once but every time that you want to.........

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