Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Summer Showers !!!!!!

As Charles Dickens would put it, "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times"..... Unfortunately, in this case its skewed more towards the being "worse" and I am really trying hard to make it "Better-Best-Awesome"....

It feels strange and at times even frustrating when the most seemingly obvious things go against you and you frantically try your best to make things work, let things fall into place and get a "life" for yourself...not just a "phase of survival". Solitude is definitely a desired of state of mind but loneliness takes you unawares. How do you tackle that? Being busy with your work, going out with people around, reading books, watching movies....so many good things to do, aren't they ? Yet what if even the crowd around you gets muted ! That sounds like one scary image, at least to me..... 

But then the graying of the clouds is the precursor to a refreshing shower of rain. One that refreshes, rejuvenates and reinvigorates you ! You don't have to just stand out there, gazing at the endless expanse of the sky, searching for the glimmer of lightning. Instead, do yourself some good; smell the rain, lookout for signs of new life waiting to come out of their cocoons,brace yourself for the splish-splash and rain"Suit" up.

No doubt the rain is not a one-off event and it is definitely not something that will never happen again. But then doesn't the fun lie in making the most mundane and routine events full of verve and vivacity. There's a shower after every summer.....so if you just stand and soak, that's called "survival". But if you dance around with the rain drops, feeling every drop trickle down your hair and cheeks....that's called "living a life" !

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