Friday, August 31, 2012

On this side of the sea !

It’s a vast expanse. Deep. Boundary less. Dynamic yet absolutely still at its depths. Noisy yet absolutely at peace from within. Its blue, its silver, its orange, its pink, its black;  yet it is colourless by its very nature. It is fatal when in rage yet  harbours life in its deepest recesses. It leads to separations and creates boundaries yet it also connects. It makes you happy yet thoughtful, it gives you strength yet makes you feel insecure and insignificant ! It takes your rubbish in and still offers you the pearls it breeds !

I am not exactly fascinated by the sea. No, in fact there are times when I am a little scared by its vastness.  But there is something about those waves lashing across the rocks, that constant bouncing of the waves on the shore that makes me go back to the sea. Maybe its vastness arouses a sense of freedom in me. If I feel cramped within my self-created close spaces, I know the sea is at my rescue. There is a world beyond it, a world which I am yet to see and its BIG ! And funnily enough that’s when also the exact opposite realization dawns. That the world on this side is also yet unexplored. Why am I not stepping out of my shell? Why is it that I always wonder about the “other side”? Hell, there’s so much on this side yet to experience, yet to share !

The sea itself tosses out the shell from its womb so that the pearl within can be noticed and polished and shine and cherished.  Well, I am the pearl ! And I want to discover and be discovered. And I want to shine and be cherished. And of course, I want to get out of this shell yet hold on to it. Because this little shell of mine holds the entire sea for me !!!!!

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