Thursday, September 20, 2012

To We or not to We......

As dusk falls and twilight peeps through, the twittering turns to cacophony. Gradually, it dies down to soft murmurs only to retire to a serene silence. What then one yearns for is that familiar yet surprising tiptoeing across the room, that mundane yet refreshing account of the day gone by, that casual yet comforting handclasp which puts you to a blissful sleep.

They say companionship is over rated. They say it put fetters around you, takes away your identity and makes you an illusionist. They say it is irrational ! 

They say independence is undervalued. They say it gives you wings, it helps you discover your “self” and makes you a realist. They say it is sensible !

Well, I say, I am more of me when the other is around. I fly, flap a little, soar high above and come back home to the other who shares “my” world and everything in it. I dream, I wish, I hope, I desire. And together with the other I discover a life which is as real as any other !!!!!


  1. True! Having an understanding other makes you more independent because now you can jump as high as you want without fear of crashing because that other will be there to catch you.

  2. yea Anu...and while this piece maybe doesn't portray it this way but companionship goes beyond just that romantic abt togetherness at the end of the day :)